Angie Kardashian's Story

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A Call To Serve

On May 20, 2002, Angie Kardashian left her Tustin, California home, and headed for New York, to help.

After calling Tustin "home" for a quarter century, this highly accomplished businesswoman, philanthropist, and staunch supporter of U.S. Marines stationed near her Orange County restaurant, left her home, family, church, and friends to answer a call to serve.

This website is dedicated to her unique and inspiring story.   

30 days later on that fateful day... 
...all three of those buildings I had just visited had been attacked. I felt like I could have been one who had lost their life that day. It could have been any one of those days I was in those 3 buildings. This attack was the greatest mass murder in the history of the United States. The response was also by far the greatest rescue operation in the history of our country over 20,000 people were saved.
Here we are 17 years later. We hear many stories of the tragedy and loss of life of that fateful day in September 2001 has become a part of every American's life. But out of every tragedy comes stories of commitment, dedication, selflessness, and hope. This event did not deal us a lethal blow, but instead make each of us realize that the fight for freedom and equality is not just fought on the battlefield. With determination and commitment we all realize that freedom can't be dictated by the terrorist because this country, and its' people, have never backed down from what is right. We see the hope in the determination of our convictions, and we know that, with God on our side, the truth will win out and we will be even stronger. Never give up hope that one day we will all be people united. We must never ever forget what happened that day, we must keep the memories and legacy of all those innocent people who lost their lives. I promised the firemen when I was cooking for themI would never let people forget what happened that day.