Angie Kardashian's Story

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A Call To Serve

On May 20, 2002, Angie Kardashian left her Tustin, California home, and headed for New York, to help.

After calling Tustin "home" for a quarter century, this highly accomplished businesswoman, philanthropist, and staunch supporter of U.S. Marines stationed near her Orange County restaurant, left her home, family, church, and friends to answer a call to serve.

This website is dedicated to her unique and inspiring story.   

30 days later on that fateful day... 
...all three of those buildings I had just visited had been attacked. I felt like I could have been one who had lost their life that day. It could have been any one of those days I was in those 3 buildings. This attack was the greatest mass murder in the history of the United States. The response was also by far the greatest rescue operation in the history of our country over 20,000 people were saved.
Here is Battalion Chief Jim Riches known as "Big Daddy" in the hole at Ground Zero. Chief Riches was at the second firehouse that I cooked for. He is wearing his sons shirt from Ladder 114 and carrying his sons battered Helmet. His son Jimmie Riches Jr. was to celebrate his 30th birthday on September 12, 2001. A former police officer turned fireman! 6 months after the attack Jimmy Riches Jr's remains were found ten feet below the very spot where his father stood in this picture just 3 weeks before.
Point out dad in the Rubble.
 This is a picture of that same Engine 54 ladder 4 firehouse carrying up one of their brothers they had found in the rubble. The policeman in the front was the brother of the deceased fireman. The gentleman on your far right is his father retired firefighter John Tipping.
So many broken lives, so many broken dreams, I knew that my life could never, would never be the same...
 This is the Geidel family except one of the brothers is missing...Gary, an Eagle Scout, former Marine and a decorated firefighter with Rescue One. It is not uncommon for generations of families to follow in the footsteps of dads and grandpas in the FDNY. Gary was scheduled to be off on September 11, he was due to retire in seven weeks after twenty years in the service. Pictured here is Papa Paul Geidel a Korean War Veteran and retired lieutenant with rescue one and his two sons Michael and Ralph - both FDNY firemen.